Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Best YouTubers to Follow for Let’s Play Videos

Now we all enjoy watching some funny cat videos on YouTube, but let’s get serious for a second – we also watch some gameplay videos if we like certain games (I have to admit I do at least).

And now if you want to see some of the best YouTubers that I follow for some fun and interesting HPWU videos, then I am going to share them with you right in this article!


I started following this guy randomly after watching his “Finding Harry Potter” video, which was extremely fun to watch, so I decided to check out his other Wizards Unite videos, and I have to say – he’s pretty good!

Check our MYSTIC7 Plays’ YouTube here!

Poke Fodder

This guy explains a ton of things, and I bumped into his channel when looking on more info about Portkeys, and found this video here. He is very detailed about everything, so it is a really good YouTuber to follow in my opinion.

Check out Poke Fodder’s channel here!


This girl plays both Pokemon GO and Wizards Unite, and I have been checking her channel for a long time now, since the Pokemon GO fever. She keeps constantly uploading videos about both games, and she is pretty knowledgeable in the game. She is also fun to watch!

You can check out ZoëTwoDots‘ channel here!

Wizards News

This guy has some short videos, but always on point. He is very knowledgeable at the game, and always gives the best tips. I am guessing, since the channel is called “Wizards News” he is really into it, so I really suggest that you check it out!

You can check out Wizards News channel here!

The Sylph

This guy here is uploading a lot of HPWU content, and he legit has actual “let’s play” videos. He is fun, and even if his channel doesn’t have millions of subscribers, he has good Harry Potter Wizards Unite content. I suggest that you take a look at his channel and see that for yourself!

You can check The Sylph’s channel here!

FLW Videos 2

The guy is a player of Wizards Unite and Pokemon GO, and he is pretty fun to watch. He has a very “catchy” way of talking, and also quite professional. He has tips and strategies about the game, so if you want to check it out, go ahead and do it!

You can check FLW Videos 2’s channel here!

Nerd Who

This guy is relatively new in the Wizards Unite field, as he only managed to upload one video so far (yesterday), but he is a huge Harry Potter fan, so he will upload more. He has a small channel, so he deserves a chance too!

You can check out Nerd Who’s channel here!

These would be all of our picks for the best YouTubers to watch for HPWU let’s play videos! Do you know some more that you would like to share with us? I’d love to discover a few others, even if smaller channels!

If you know any, make sure you share them down in the comments below to feature them in the article so more of us can follow them too!


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