Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Complete Battle Guide to Defeat All Opponents

Now if you wondered about the combat in HPWU, then we will bring you a complete battle guide to help you defeat all opponents, so you won’t have to worry about anything!

Basically the first thing you need to know is that there are 2 types of combat a player can engage in: in the Fortress (see our complete Fortress guide here) and when tracing down Foundables, to be more precise, Oddities.

Prepare for the battle:

As I mentioned before in the Fortress guide, you should always prepare for a battle beforehand, by doing a few easy things:

– Prepare Health Potions – they will definitely be helpful, as you never know if the encounter you have will deal a critical hit against you (which means more damage) or not, so in case it does you should always be prepared to heal up.

– Prepare some Exstimulo Potions to boost your attack. They will not always be necessary, but in some cases, it’s a blessing to have them! Check our full Potions guide here!

– Store up some Spell Energy! You can check out article on how to get more Spell Energy here – this is super important, because depending on the battle you are having, the opponent might have some pretty high defenses or so, or mitigate some of the incoming dame in a way (by dodging for example).

If this happens, you will need to attack again and again, and this will take up some Spell Energy! So you always should be prepared, and not go into a fight having 5 Spell Energy and relying on your luck alone.

Oddity Encounters / Battles

Oddities will appear randomly, and the time of day / night, the Moon phase and weather conditions will affect their spawn. Basically you can learn more about them here.

However, you will have to wait for the right weather conditions, and once you see their flag on the map, you need to be prepared because they will instantly put you into battle mode.

They each have different attacks and fighting styles, and usually a battle will go like this:

– You tap on the flag and get transported into battle mode.

– Either you or the Oddity will start attacking.

– If you attack, you will have to position your wand on the right spot (it will be shown with a star) and keep it in the same spot for a few seconds to charge up.

– Once it charged up, you can cast the spell that appears on the screen.

– If the opponent attacks you, you will have 5 seconds to cast Protego to protect yourself (it’s a straight line spell). If you don’t cast it, then you will have more chances of getting higher damage.

The battle will go on like this until one of you wins, but let’s hope it is you and not the Oddity. Once you overpowered the Oddity, it will be added to your Registry like a regular Foundable.

Fortress Combat / Battles

The battles here follow the same pattern as the Oddity ones, but one extra thing you can do here, is actually force certain encounters.

When you battle in Fortresses, you will have to place Runestones to activate the stages. Depending on which one you put, you will go against that type of enemy – now, you probably read all this in the Fortress guide we wrote, so we will brief it up a little.

The preparations for the battle are really similar as the one against Oddities, but prepare an Invigoration Draught too just in case.

When you fight in Fortresses, you can team up with other players and make the encounter easier for all of you, by taking on the opponent which you have an advantage against! You can see our Magizoologist, Auror and Professor guides here to know exactly how they work against various opponents!

Also, your level is important so make sure you check our guide on how to level up fast and list of levels with all the XP needed!


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