Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide to Inns and Dark Detectors

You’ve kept hearing things left and right about Inns, but we haven’t really got into much detail on Inns – until now! So if you want to learn all about Inns and all the features you can find there, let’s get started, shall we?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – What are Inns?

Inns are basically buildings of interest for you where you can replenish energy, but where you can also attach a Dark Detector to help you track down more powerful Traces (but we’ll get into this in detail below).

The Inns are usually located at public art spaces, unique architectural landmarks, or public gathering places, but are not limited to that! There are various types of Inns, and you can tell them apart from the appearance of their rooftop!

There are different types of dishes at the various Inns that you encounter, but no matter what – if you want Spell Energy, you should visit as many as possible!

Get more Spell Energy at Inns!

Once you have entered an Inn, you will be able to perform a spell (Accio) to bring forth one of the 5 dishes presented to you. This will replenish your Spell Energy at random, depending on the one you pick.

Inns have a 5 minutes cooldown between visits, and you can tell this by the fact that once you leave the Inn (that you dined at) it will have fire coming out of the chimney to indicate that it’s still on cooldown.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – What are Dark Detectors?

Dark Detectors are basically little tools that you can place in an Inn to detect some powerful encounters for you. You will get one for free when you open the Dark Detectors tab in the Inn for the first time, but if you are not in the area for too long, I don’t suggest that you spend it right then and there!

How to get Dark Detectors?

You can acquire Dark Detectors by doing the following tasks:

– You can complete various Achievements which give Dark Detectors as rewards (see our Achievements list).

– You can open the Dark Detectors tab from the Inn for the first time to receive 1 Dark Detector.

– You can get Dark Detectors when you level up as a reward along with other goods.

– You can purchase Dark Detectors from Diagon Alley for Gold (1 Dark Detector costs 120 Gold, 3 Dark Detectors cost 325 Gold and 15 Dark Detectors cost 1400 Gold).

– You receive one when you first start playing the game.

– You can get them from logging in to the game every day (from Daily Treasure).

– You can sometimes get them from completing Traces (but it’s not very often unfortunately).

How to use Dark Detectors?

To use a Dark Detector simply head over to an Inn and open the Dark Detector tab. There you will see in the middle a table with a strange device where you get to “Place” to place your Dark Detector there.

The Inns can have up to 3 Dark Detectors active at the same time, and the more – the more chances that they will discover more powerful Traces around that Inn. Every time you place a Dark Detector it will have your name underneath and in the overall map the Inn will get a beacon above it.

I suggest that you do this only if you are certain that you have enough Spell Energy to take on multiple encounters, and also have several HP Potions just in case.

Also, don’t use the Dark Detectors if you don’t plan on sticking around that Inn for a longer period of time, because I don’t think it’s worth it to use it and leave afterwards.


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