Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide to Portkeys: Portmanteau, Silver & Gold Keys

They might be referred as by many names, but do not let yourself be confused – the Portkeys are the same thing as Portmanteaus, no matter what you might be reading!

So basically, let me explain everything in today’s article – the HPWU Portkeys guide!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – What are Portkey Portmanteaus?

That’s right, a “Portkey Portmanteau” is the full name of the item! It is basically a box, and if you have played Pokemon GO, they are following a similar pattern to the one of the Eggs, by hatching them.

You will pick all kinds of Portkeys along the way (when I say all kinds, I mean that there are 3 types – I’ll explain below), as you walk on the streets, much like the Ingredients needed for brewing Potions.

They will appear randomly, and you can tap on them when you see one to collect it.

There are 3 types of Portkey Portmanteaus:

– Prized Portkey Portmanteau (copper-ish in color) – walk 2 km to unlock

– Precious Portkey Portmanteau (silver in color) – walk 5 km to unlock

– Paramount Portkey Portmanteau (golden in color) – walk 10 km to unlock

Players can only hold maximum 8 Portkey Portmanteaus at once, so if you want to make some room, you will have to unlock them! Which takes us exactly to the next point, which is what is needed to unlock a Portkey:

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – How to unlock a Portkey Portmanteau?

You can unlock Portkey Portmanteaus by using either a Silver Key or a Gold Key, and by walking the amount of kilometers required for the type of Portmanteau that you want to unlock (as I mentioned before).

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – What are Silver Keys & Gold Key?

Gold Key is the one Key that you start with, and which you will have at all times. There is only one for each player, and it cannot be acquired in any way, other than the fact that you simply have it from the start. It will never go away, and you can use it indefinitely without breaking it or using it up.

The Gold Key should be used in my opinion on the 2km Portkey Portmanteaus because that way you will have it back soon and you will be able to unlock the next Portkey soon.

Silver Keys are limited, and they can be either purchased or acquired from various means. They are single-use only, and once you put a Silver Key into a Portkey, then you can kiss that Silver Key goodbye, because it’s gone after unlocking it.

I definitely suggest that you keep your Silver Keys as much as you can, because you will need them to unlock the Portkeys when you are running out of space.

Manage your Keys and Portkey Portmanteau slots!

Like I mentioned before, you can only have a maximum of 8 Portmanteaus at once with you. Whether you have them unlocking or not, there can only be 8.

In my opinion you should use the Gold Key on the Prized Portkeys (with 2 km) always – always have one unlocking with Gold Key!

As for the Silver Keys, I suggest that you use them on the other 2 types of Portkeys: Precious and Paramount. The Paramount one especially, because it takes 10 kilometers to unlock, so it will take a while.

If you don’t want to waste slots, you can use Silver Keys on the Precious Portkey Portmanteau you have as well, but I really think that you should only do this if you are running low on slots, otherwise no.

Really, only if you are running low on slots you should start using Silver Keys on the other Portkeys that you have, because else I think it’s going to be a waste.

So if for example you don’t really plan on going downtown, and only walk around your neighborhood (where I assume you don’t have a lot of landmarks around), then even if you have 2 Portkey slots left, there is no need to spend Silver Keys to unlock them – just use the Gold Key.

How to get more Silver Keys:

There are a few ways that you can get Silver Keys, so let me tell you all of them:

– You can get Silver Keys by leveling up, as level up rewards!

– You can get Silver Keys from certain Achievements when completing them! Check out our list of Achievements & rewards!

– You can get Silver Keys from daily quests!

– You can get more Silver Keys by logging in every day to the game, from certain days! (Daily Treasure)

– You can get Silver Keys by purchasing them with Gold from Diagon Alley! You can find them either in the Featured tab in a bundle of 4 Keys (for 325 Gold), or under the Wiseacres tab! (1 key for 90 Gold).

If you are new to the game, make sure you take a look at our beginner’s guide, as well as how to get more XP & level up fast! For a full list of XP needed for each level, we’ve got you covered with our list of levels & XP needed! This should definitely come in handy when you want to get those Silver Keys from level up rewards!


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